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Do you want to use your woodworking skills to make money in a part-time or full-time business? Are you already running a woodworking business but want to increase your income? Would you like to avoid the many costly mistakes made by many small businesses?

“Woodprofits”helps you do all that and much more. Written by an expert with over twenty years of first-hand experience operating a one-person woodworking business, this book is certain to help you get paid well for doing the work you love everyday, learn everything you need to know to operate your own successful business, start profiting quickly with the skills and tools you already have, and deliver quality work faster with simple methods and techniques.

The guide includes twenty-two chapters of valuable, proven, how-to information including:

  • How to startup the business for under $1000
  • Ways to  attract grateful customers,  keep  them coming back for more and recommending you to others
  • How to handle your own accounting, taxes and all administrative tasks easily
  • How to market your woodworking creations online to make your business stand out from the rest,  building up a ‘brand name’ recognition for your work and your company.
  • Creative ways to identify  fresh trends and market opportunities for business growth
  • The list of high-margin, easy to sell, profitable wood crafts you can build using BASIC woodworking tools! (with plans and instructions!)



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