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Finally! Master Woodworker Finally Opens Up His Secret Archive of Woodworking Plans!

Every DIY woodworking project starts with quality plans. If you don’t have a great blueprint, your project suffers. You use the wrong wood, the wrong tools… you end up spending dozens of hours designing from scratch.
That’s about to change when you visit this site

Recently, master woodworker and AWI member Ted Mcgrath began offering access to his collection of 16,000+ plans. This secret collection is now available to you. And chances are you’ve never seen anything like it. So get it NOW while you still can.

The detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions are a woodworker’s dream. You’ll find thousands of plans for every project imaginable in every woodworking style.

Armed with all of these plans, woodworkers of all levels – from first-time builders, to master craftsman – can take their skills to the next level.

We want to make sure you get the right plans

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